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Are Cohort-based Courses Dead?

I share my thoughts about the state of cohort-based courses. Why did the hype die off and what’s next for the future of education?

How Pivot Helps Individuals Break into Creative Career Paths

Mike Peregudov and I discuss how he built Pivot to enable working professionals to transition to creative career paths.

How Ship30for30 Built an Automation Engine

Daniel Bustamante and I discuss the history of ship30for30 and how he built an automation engine that’s allowed for them to scale to thousands of students in their community.

How Ali Abdaal’s Team Scaled Their CBC to $2.5M in Revenue

Bhav Sharma and I sit down to discuss how Ali Abdaal’s team grew Part-time YouTuber Academy to $2.5M in annual revenue.

Scaling On Deck w/ Joe Penn (Head of Operations)

Joe Penn is the Head of Operations for On Deck. We discuss how On Deck has scaled its operations to build one of the fast-growing internet communities.

How to Find Hypergrowth for Your Online Course w/ Billy Broas

Billy Broas joins us to chat about hypergrowth moments for online courses, including his experience working with Building a Second Brain, Write of Passage, and Ali Abdaal’s Write of Passage.

Built for Teachers w/ Lisa Jiang & Joe Burgess

This week, I chat with education superstars Lisa Jiang and Joe Burgess. Both spent time at Flatiron School to build and scale one of the first coding bootcamps. In this conversation, we discuss their learning at Flatiron School, their vision for the future of online education, and their new company, Built for Teachers.

Lambda School Rebrands to BloomTech

I discuss Lambda School's transition to BloomTech, including new financing options, their outcome-based loan, and their new web3 program.

The Best Community Platforms for Course Creators

A rebroadcast of our live Twitter spaces event with Jay Clouse and August Bradley where we discuss the best community platforms for course creators.

Marie Poulin on Building Notion Mastery

Marie Poulin comes on the podcast to discuss how she built and scaled Notion Mastery, an async course community for those looking to level-up their workflows.

A Pivotal Moment for Bootcamps w/ Chris Lee (Launch School) & Jesse Farmer (Dev Bootcamp)

I had a conversation with the co-founder of the first coding bootcamp (Dev Bootcamp), Jesse Farmer, and the founder of Launch School, Chris Lee, to discuss the future of bootcamps.

August Bradley on Building Notion Life Design

August Bradley discusses how he strategically built and grew Notion Life Design.

Victoria Ransom (CEO, Prisma) on Remote Learning for Kids

Victoria Ransom (Co-founder & CEO, Prisma) discusses online education for kids.

What it means to be an Edupreneur?

Andrew Barry returns to discuss what it means to be an education entrepreneur in the modern era.

Cohort-based Communities

Nathan Esquenazi (CTO of CodePath) and I discuss how communities and cohort-based experiences work together.

SPECIAL: Announcing Edupreneurs

Today, Will and I share our vision for the future of the Reshaping Education podcast.

Building Your Course Like a Product Designer w/ Chris Messina (#1 Product Hunter)

Chris Messina, the #1 product hunter, discusses how to treat your online course as a product designer.

Project-based Learning w/ Mehak Vohra (CEO, SkillBank)

Mehak Vohra, Founder & CEO of SkillBank, discusses how to incorporate project-based learning into your curriculum.

Summit talk w/ Will Mannon (Course Manager at Forte Academy)

Will Mannon discusses the exact methodology that his team at Building a Second Brain and Write of Passage uses to nail the student experience. Will Mannon is the course director for Forte Labs.

Copywriting for Course Creators w/ Julia Saxena

Julia Saxena, Co-founder of Minimum Viable Video, discusses how to think about copywriting if you're a course creator.

The Rise of Remote Learning w/ Andreas Klinger (CTO, On Deck)

Andreas and I discuss how Andreas Klinger, CTO of On Deck (Former CTO of Product Hunt), discusses the rise of remote learning and why online learning is the future of education.

Leveraging Your Alumni Community

Will and I go live on Twitter Spaces this week to discuss how to create and run alumni mentor sessions. We get into the nitty-gritty of when to bring on alumni mentors and how to keep your alumni community engaged.

Ana Lorena Fabrega on Gamified Learning

Ana Lorena Fabrega and I discuss the idea of "Gamified Learning" as a part of the Reshaping Education summit. We discuss what is gamified learning and how it can be used to keep learners engaged.

Nailing the Student Experience for Your Cohort-based Course

Will and I discuss how you can nail the student experience for cohort-based courses. In this episode, we discuss onboarding students, managing live events, and handling the logistics of any live online program.

Launching Your Cohort-Based Course

Will and I chat about his team at Building a Second Brain and Write of Passage has built one of the most successful online marketing funnels of any online course. In the span of just 4-years, the team has gone from cohorts of 30 students to cohorts of over 1,500 students.

Dickie Bush (Ship30for30) on Building a Viral Cohort-based Course from Twitter

Will and I talk to Dickie about his journey from building a daily writing habit to starting one of the fastest-growing cohort-based courses ever made. We discuss how Ship30for30 thinks about community, alumni engagement, and iterating as a product.

How the Coding Bootcamp Revolution Started w/ Jesse Farmer (Dev Bootcamp)

In 2011, a simple Hacker News post spawned one of the most remarkable education movements of our time. At the heart of it were three founders, including Jesse Farmer who we spoke to on this episode. We discuss his experience founding Everlane, Dev Bootcamp, and how he thinks about the student experience.

Khe Hy on Building "Supercharge Your Productivity"

We talk with Khe Hy about his journey from Wall Street to building a highly profitable internet business. He starts through his blog Rad Reads and then talks about how it eventually turns into his breakout success, "Supercharge Your Productivity."

A History of Online Education (Part III)

Will and I wrap up our three-part sage discussing the history of online education. In this conversation, we pick up where we left off and chat about On Deck, Maven, and trends we're starting to see for the future of online education.

A History of Online Education (Part II)

Will and I continue off our conversation from last week to discuss online education 2.0. The conversation starts off with AltMBA and continues to post-COVID and the dawn of cohort-based courses.