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Greg Smith (Thinkific)

Greg Smith talks about his journey to building one of the leading course hosting platforms in the world, Thinkific.

Upchieve w/ Aly Murray

Aly Murray come to discuss her journey from working in finance to launching a non-profit that provides 24/7 tutoring support to students from low-income backgrounds.

Corise w/ Julia Stiglitz

Julia Stiglitz comes on the podcast to discuss her journey from GSV to founding her latest EdTech company, Corise.

Luyen Chou (Chief Learning Officer, 2U)

Luyen Chou joins us to discuss his journey from being a high school teacher to becoming the Chief Learning Officer at one of the largest education technology organizat...

Why ISA’s didn’t pan out w/ Sean Linehan (Placement)

Sean Linehan and I chat about his journey to founding Placement and his thoughts on how Income Share Agreements (ISAs) failed to live up to their potential.

Launch Academy w/ Dan Pickett

Dan Pickett comes on to discuss how he went from running a software consultancy to founding a code school that emulates the real-world environment.

Educational Efficiency

I share my thoughts on educational inefficiency and how new companies in the space are emerging to provide upskilling/reskilling experiences for professionals.

Reforge w/ Brian Balfour

Brian Balfour joins the podcast to discuss his journey to founding Reforge and designing their program to enable and empower professionals to achieve the next mileston...

Microverse’s Peer-to-Peer Learning Model w/ Ariel Camus

Ariel Camus comes on to talk about Microverse’s unique learning model that consists of no classes and no curriculum- but instead, a focus on peer learning and accounta...

Building Lighthouse Labs w/ (Jeremy Shaki and Josh Borts)

Jeremy Shaki and Josh Borts come on to talk about how they built Lighthouse labs into a premier coding bootcamp in Canada.

The Future of Upskilling and Professional Development w/ Loren Cohen & Laura Holden (Skillful)

Loren Cohen and Laura Holden come up to share how Skillful thinks about building a world-class professional development online school and community that is adaptive to...

Selective Admissions and Building Bootcamp Communities w/ Kai Neo (Rocket Academy)

Kai Neo comes on to talk about his journey from Silicon Valley to founding a Rocket Academy, a bootcamp serving aspiring engineers in South-East Asia.

Making Online Learning More Human w/ Martin Ramsin (Career Foundry)

Martin Ramsin talks about how his experience with a poorly built online course inspired him to build one of the first fully online coding bootcamps.

Revitalizing Mid-West Talent w/ Anthony Hughes (Tech Elevator)

Anthony Hughes comes on to discuss how he founded Tech Elevator to bring strong engineering talent to the Mid-West.

3x Bootcamp CEO to Building an A16z Competitor w/ Harsh Patel

Harsh Patel is the former CEO of MakerSquare, HackReactor, and Galvanize. His latest venture, Macro supports web3 companies through talent placement and security audits.

Are Cohort-based Courses Dead?

I share my thoughts about the state of cohort-based courses. Why did the hype die off and what’s next for the future of education?

How Pivot Helps Individuals Break into Creative Career Paths

Mike Peregudov and I discuss how he built Pivot to enable working professionals to transition to creative career paths.

How Ship30for30 Built an Automation Engine

Daniel Bustamante and I discuss the history of ship30for30 and how he built an automation engine that’s allowed for them to scale to thousands of students in their com...

How Ali Abdaal’s Team Scaled Their CBC to $2.5M in Revenue

Bhav Sharma and I sit down to discuss how Ali Abdaal’s team grew Part-time YouTuber Academy to $2.5M in annual revenue.

Scaling On Deck w/ Joe Penn (Head of Operations)

Joe Penn is the Head of Operations for On Deck. We discuss how On Deck has scaled its operations to build one of the fast-growing internet communities.

How to Find Hypergrowth for Your Online Course w/ Billy Broas

Billy Broas joins us to chat about hypergrowth moments for online courses, including his experience working with Building a Second Brain, Write of Passage, and Ali Abd...

Built for Teachers w/ Lisa Jiang & Joe Burgess

This week, I chat with education superstars Lisa Jiang and Joe Burgess. Both spent time at Flatiron School to build and scale one of the first coding bootcamps. In...

Lambda School Rebrands to BloomTech

I discuss Lambda School's transition to BloomTech, including new financing options, their outcome-based loan, and their new web3 program.

The Best Community Platforms for Course Creators

A rebroadcast of our live Twitter spaces event with Jay Clouse and August Bradley where we discuss the best community platforms for course creators.

Marie Poulin on Building Notion Mastery

Marie Poulin comes on the podcast to discuss how she built and scaled Notion Mastery, an async course community for those looking to level-up their workflows.

A Pivotal Moment for Bootcamps w/ Chris Lee (Launch School) & Jesse Farmer (Dev Bootcamp)

I had a conversation with the co-founder of the first coding bootcamp (Dev Bootcamp), Jesse Farmer, and the founder of Launch School, Chris Lee, to discuss the future ...

August Bradley on Building Notion Life Design

August Bradley discusses how he strategically built and grew Notion Life Design.

Victoria Ransom (CEO, Prisma) on Remote Learning for Kids

Victoria Ransom (Co-founder & CEO, Prisma) discusses online education for kids.

What it means to be an Edupreneur?

Andrew Barry returns to discuss what it means to be an education entrepreneur in the modern era.

Cohort-based Communities

Nathan Esquenazi (CTO of CodePath) and I discuss how communities and cohort-based experiences work together.