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Building a Platform for Cohort-based Learning w/ Nathan Esquenazi (Codepath.org)

Nathan Esquenazi, the Co-founder and CTO of CodePath, and I discuss how his team unlocked the power of cohort-based learning and leveraged that insight to build the CodePath platform.

Building a Completely Online High School w/ Garrett Smiley (Co-Founder Sora School)

Garrett Smiley and I discuss how Sora Schools, an innovative online high school, is completely rethinking the high school experience and helping students learn the fundamentals while also exploring career paths.

Building a New K-12 Education System w/ Brian Tobal (Co-founder & CEO of SchoolHouse)

Brian Tobal and I discuss the journey to founding SchoolHouse, learning pods, and how SchoolHouse is building a new category of education when it comes to K-12.

How Colleges Are Failing Us w/ Ryan Craig (Author of College Disrupted & A New U)

Ryan Craig is a partner at Achieved Partners (formerly University Ventures) and the author of College Disrupted and A New U. In this conversation, we discuss all the ways in which colleges are failing students today and what the rise of alternative education and COVID could mean for the next generation of students and job-seekers.

Creating Live, Cohort-based Online Courses w/ Andrew Barry (Program Director at On Deck Course Creator)

Andrew Barry and I chat about the transformation that is happening in the online course industry including a shift to live, cohort-based courses and an increased emphasis on community. Andrew is the founder of Curious Lion where he coaches course creators on how to drive true transformation for their students. He also recently became the program director for On Deck Course Creator where he'll be working with top course creators to develop their live cohort-based courses.

The Unbundling of Higher Education and the Threat that Bootcamps Pose w/ Michael B. Horn

Michael B. Horn and I chat about the unbundling of higher education, the existential threat that grad schools face, and whether college curriculums can stay relevant to industry needs.

The Rise of Cohort-based Courses w/ Billy Broas (Keystone Accelerator)

Billy Broas and I discuss his journey to building Keystone Accelerator, the rise of cohort-based courses, and the changing landscape of higher education.

Creating Live, Engaging Online Experiences for Kids w/ Ana Fabrega and Chrisman Frank (Synthesis School)

Chrisman Frank (CEO of Synthesis), Ana Lorena Fabrega (Chief Evangelist of Synthesis) and I discuss how they founded Synthesis school, a program that creates live, engaging experiences for kids. We talk about the founding story of Synthesis (that starts with an encounter with Elon Musk) and then dive deep into how Synthesis is reimaging K-12 education through their one-of-a-kind online program.

Scaling a Coding Bootcamp & Cohort-based Learning w/ David Yang (Co-founder & CEO Fullstack Academy)

David Yang (CEO of Fullstack Academy) talks about the full journey of Fullstack Academy from founding to acquisition. We talk about what it takes to scale a coding bootcamp as well as the four C's of learning when it comes to designing a powerful and lasting educational experience.

Leveraging ISAs and Creating an Exceptional Remote Classroom Experience w/ Ayush Jaiswal (Pesto)

Ayush Jaiswal (CEO of Pesto) shares his experience founding Pesto, leveraging Income Share Agreements, and what it takes to create an exceptional remote classroom experience.

Building Class for Zoom w/ Michael Chasen (CEO of ClassEdu and Founder of Blackboard)

Michael Chasen (Founder & CEO of ClassEdu; formerly Founder & CEO of Blackboard) and I discuss the journey to starting Class for Zoom, a layer on top of Zoom for educators. We discuss Michael's journey to founding Blackboard which he scaled to 3,000 employees, $300M+ in annual revenue, and the lessons that translated to starting his latest venture, ClassEdu. This new company is building a product called "Class for Zoom" which aims to solve the issues that schools are facing teaching online.

The Rise of Micro-institution w/ Alan Stein (Kadima)

Alan Stein and I discuss his journey to building Kadim, a career accelerator that helps diverse talent break into tech. We talk about his approach to building a next-generation online school and the challenges of managing virtual cohorts.

Learning through Practice w/ Megan Underwood

Megan Underwood and I discuss her experience going through the legendary AltMBA program and why project-based learning is so important.

Building a Coding Bootcamp from Scratch w/ Victor Rivera (Avion School)

Victor Rivera and I chat about his experience building Avion School, a coding bootcamp for those based in the Philippines. We discuss the bottlenecks of running a fully remote education company especially in an under-developed region like South East Asia.

Building and Scaling Live Online Courses w/ Will Mannon (Forte Labs)

Will Mannon and I discuss his experience building and scaling live online courses at Forte Academy, most known for "Building a Second Brain." We talk about what's wrong with existing courses and online education programs and how Forte Academy is innovating in the space. We also dive into trends the implications that live online course are having on higher education as a whole thanks to the power of Zoom.

Career Discovery and Exploration w/ Ashley Artrip (Co-founder of Mission Collaborative)

Ashley Artrip and I discuss her journey to founding Mission Collaborative, a DC-based startup, that helps people find jobs that they find fulfilling through their 30-day online fellowship program.

Modern Day Apprenticeships w/ Moe Abbas (CEO of Acadium)

Moe Abbas and I discuss project-based learning in the modern era and how Acadium is creating a new way for companies to hire and for workers to gain valuable experience.

Social Capital and Income Share Agreements w/ Wes Wagner (CEO of Pactero)

Wes Wagner and I discuss his journey going from growth at Microverse to starting Pactero, a platform for issuing Income Share Agreements. In addition, we dive deep into our experiences with higher education and how institutions are failing to properly align incentives between their programs and their students.

The Rise of Alternative Education w/ Rutledge Long (Parachute Bridge)

Rutledge Long and I discuss how colleges are no longer preparing students with the tools that they need to thrive in the industry. Instead, many of the individuals who are most equipped to provide relevant job training actually live outside of the traditional higher education system and are starting their own schools and programs. One example of these programs is Parachute Bridge, a non-profit dedicated to helping college students transition to the workforce through an immersive two-week online program.

Going Through the First Remote Batch of YCombinator w/ Michael Ioffe (Founder) of Arist

Michael Ioffe and I discuss SMS-based courses, the short-comings of current online education, and what it was like for both of us to go through the very first remote batch of YCombinator.

Mid Career Education & Job Retraining w/ Ray Batra (Founder of Shift_Up)

A few weeks ago, Ray Batra and I got together and discussed the idea of learning gyms and a huge gap in the market when it comes to mid-career education and job re-training.

The Return to the Apprenticeship Model & Project-Based Learning w/ Ryan Laverty (COO of Arist)

Ryan Laverty and I discuss the founding story of Arist, an SMS-based learning platform, and the shift happening in higher education due to COVID-19. Specifically, a return to the apprenticeship model and project-based learning. Music: ROASN by Gil Wanders

Building an ISA Marketplace w/ Edouard Harris (CEO of Sharpest Minds)

Edouard Harris, the CEO of Sharpest Minds, and I discuss the founding of Sharpest Minds, the current state of post-graduate education, and the implications of ISA's on the future of higher education. Sharpest Minds: https://www.sharpestminds.com/ Virtually: https://tryvirtually.com/ Music: ROASN by Gil Wanders

The Role of Community in Learning Online w/ Alberto Arenaza (Co-founder of Transcend Network)

Recently, Alberto Arenaza and I had an in-depth conversation about the transformation we're seeing in higher education and remote learning. A big focus for the conversation was about the role of community in online learning environments. Transcend Network: https://www.transcend-network.com/ Virtually: https://tryvirtually.com/ Music: ROASN by Gil Wanders

How to Build & Scale an Online Learning Community w/ Billy Bross

Billy and I spoke about what it takes to build and scale an online learning community. We dive into what it takes to be the "purple cow" of the online course world. It's not good enough to record some videos and throw them up online. You have to deliver value. You have to create a community. In this episode, Billy sheds light on this topic and how he's helped countless course creators build and scale their business. Not by building an online course, but building an online learning community and internet business. Billy Bross: https://www.billybross.com/ Virtually: https://tryvirtually.com/ Music: ROASN by Gil Wanders

Dropping Out of School and Starting a Career Accelerator w/ Mehak Vohra (CEO of OnDelta)

In this episode of Reshaping Education, Mehak and I discuss the history of OnDelta and what it takes to start and run an online career accelerator. OnDelta: https://www.ondelta.io/ Virtually: https://tryvirtually.com/

Preparing for the Post-COVID Job Market w/ Jonaed Iqbal (CEO of NoDegree.com)

Jonaed Iqbal (Founder & CEO) of NoDegree.com and I discuss all the ways that higher education is broken right now and how individuals can prepare for the post-COVID job market. Jonaed: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonaed NoDegree: https://www.nodegree.com/ Virtually: https://tryvirtually.com/

How ISA's Entered the Mass Market w/ Kush Patel (CEO of App Academy)

Kush Patel, Founder & CEO of App Academy, and I discuss the history of App Academy and how Income Share Agreements (ISA's) entered the mass market and kickstarted the Coding Bootcamp revolution. We also discuss the role that career accelerators and other bootcamps will play in the role of economic recovery given the recent outbreak of COVID-19. App Academy: https://www.appacademy.io/ Virtually: https://tryvirtually.com/ Music: R.O.A.S.N by Gil Wanders.

What COVID-19 Means for Students and Educators w/ Justin Nguyen of GetChoGrindUp

Justin Nguyen, founder of GetChoGrindUp, and I discuss the implications of COVID-19 on students and educators across the world. We dive deep into what students should do during this time and how educators should likely adapt to help improve job training in the coming months, including starting online trade schools powered by Income Share Agreements. Music: R.O.A.S.N by Gil Wanders.

History of Online Education and What's Next w/ Sahil Khoja (CEO of Students Who Design)

Sahil Khoja, CEO of Students Who Design, and I chat about the history of online education starting in 2005 and working our way up to modern-day. Along the way, we discuss online trade schools, income share agreements, and what's next for education post-COVID-19. Learn more about Students Who Design: https://www.studentswho.design/ Learn how to build your own online trade school: https://www.tryvirtually.com/ Music: R.O.A.S.N by Gil Wanders.